New Motion Productions have provided spectacular launches into the virtual world for companies such as IBM and Hewlett Packard and produced virtual leadership conferences for over 5,000 attendees across the globe. We are proud to be at the cutting edge of digital events and understand the importance of being extraordinary, which is why we commit to creating virtual events that are a class above exceptional.

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Utilising our motion graphics and brand messaging expertise, we produce engaging and informative virtual events that offer a creative spin on the new digital era the events world is just beginning to explore.

Our team of experts will work with your team to storyboard the entire event, working to understand the objectives of the event, we do everything from creating the visual design to supporting in the process of scripting. We recognise that the layout of your event is vital and through our wealth of experience we are able to recommend format arrangements, event designs and features that keeps your audience engaged throughout.


Our creative experts help define how your content will be portrayed by your audience and work to design an event space that ensures the intentions of the event are met. From ensuring all your content is clearly displayed to each second and transition being received in a smooth and engaging manner.

We  understand that the core value of any event is its people, which is why capturing the essence of your speaker is essential in bringing them to life within the virtual world. This is the key element in our design process ensuring we create the perfect setting and background for each speaker, bringing their true character to life.

Through the power of music, digital entertainment, graphics and narration we take your attendees on a completely customised inspirational journey. We are here to connect all the separate elements in order to deliver a seamless collective vision.